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  1. RESPECT... Respect and honor are the first rules of airsoft. Please play honorably and respect your fellow players.
  2. 375 FPS with .25gm BB for AEGs is the accepted limit for Roughneck games. Please use your weapon Responsibly.
  3. Current Joule rating for all weapons except SNIPERS is 1.55 Joules with .30 BBs (AS OF MAY 2024)
  4. 550 FPS with .25gm BB is the accepted limit for Sniper rifles. Again, Please use your weapon Responsibly.
  5. Minimum engagement distance is 30 feet for AEGs and 100 feet for Sniper rifles. Within those ranges please use the Surrender rule or sidearm for AEG's / a sidearm or AEG for Snipers.
  6. Surrender rule is when an opponent has the drop on you and instead of shooting you within 30 feet they say Surrender or Your Dead.
  7. If two players come face to face within 20 feet of each other. Call parlay, each player will then walk off 50 feet and re insert into the game.
  8. Eye protection is not an OPTION! It is mandatory that every player have eye protection on at all times while games are being played. If your glasses fog up, use the buddy rule. Find safe coverage out of live fire and use a buddy to help shield you while you clean out the lens. No Exceptions!
  9. Bring plenty of liquids to drink while playing. Nothing is worst than getting dehydrated while playing, except ignoring rule #7 above and losing an eye. Bring lots of water or Gatorade.
  10. All players while in the staging area, must secure all weapons and must be on safe and no magazines shall be in the weapon. If magazines are present in the weapon, they must be empty and the chambers must be cleared before you enter the staging area. This must be done before and after scenario play so we don't have any accidental discharges and hurt someone.
  11. Follow the rules, call your hits, and above all, have fun and make new friends. We are a community of players that enjoy each other and respect one another. We want your game experience to be a pleasant one.

Please Note: The Roughnecks reserve the right to remove players from games for violating ANY of the rules.

Additional Information to Follow....
Play Hard, Be Safe, Protect the Sport, and Be Respectful of Others,

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